AI and predictive analysis can help retailers provide increased speed, incredible customer experiences, futuristic innovations, and smart operations in almost every sphere of their business.

What Does AI in
Retail Look Like?

Today’s dynamic retail industry is governed by data-driven retail experiences and increased consumer expectations. Only those retailers who are able to focus on targeted marketing activities, use predictive analytics to offer personalized suggestions, and innovate their retail channels will be able to beat the competition and set themselves as market leaders

Why TheDataTeam?

TheDataTeam is your partner for ‘AI in retail’ at every step. From automating merchandise production and movement to addressing the supply chain hindrance, from predicting customer behaviour and buying patterns to completely automating retail operations, TheDataTeam can help retailers harness the power of AI to better connect with their customers and operate more efficiently.

Uses of AI in Retail

Demand Forecasting, Merchandising, and Inventory Management

AI-based business intelligence tools mine insights from industry data to create better demand forecasting for inventory management and have a proactive supply chain,pricing, and promotional planning. It also helps gauge industry shifts for proactive marketing campaign

Tailored/Personalized Recommendations

Retailers are using AI and advanced algorithms to learn about consumer’s behavioral create a detailed shopper profile that helps increasing a personalized outbound marketing for the customer with tailored content,recommendations and rewards.

Interactive Virtual Assistant

Building AI-supported virtual assistants is a great way to improve customer experience by offering round-the-clock customer support while streamlining staffing. These bots use AI and Machine learning to learn every day as well as collect valuable customer data that can be used to derive valuable insights.

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