Smoothen Business Friction Using AI

Artificial Intelligence has truly arrived. It has catapulted new solutions that only few years ago seemed infeasible. While there are broader conversations about the impact of AI on humanity, businesses can benefit from AI right here, right now.

Using AI, an enterprise can truly understand its customers, analyze experience issues, what delights them, and proactively act on the next steps to boost business growth. Friction is one of the prime causes of service disruption. AI can not only help smoothen the friction but also eliminate it completely in many situations resulting in massive gains in customer loyalty and brand building.

Ultimately, the stakeholder who benefits the most is the customer, you, me, us. We get what is relevant for us at the time we need it in a manner that is most appealing to our sensibilities.


Introducing Cadenz

A suite of AI-driven personalization solutions for established businesses, built data-native with RoboticDataScience

Boost loyalty, drive more conversions and provide better experience

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Banking & Financial Services

Digital innovations are disrupting the way the banking and financial industry operates today. Established banks need to respond faster and in a way that truly makes the customer feel special.
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In this era of ecommerce dominance, omnichannel personalization is key. But that is easier said than done. Critical business processes have to be digitized. Decisions have to be data-driven & decentralized.
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Having attained utility status, it is no longer sufficient for telecom providers to guarantee voice or high data speeds. New ways of building on existing customer bases are required, including privacy-compliant monetization opportunities.
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RoboticDataScience:Our proprietary platform for assisted automation of data science

RoboticDataScience: The secret sauce

RoboticDataScience (RDS) is our pioneering platform for churning out new AI solutions. Using cutting-edge techniques, it co-opts human ingenuity into an assisted workflow for automation of the data science required to solve domain-specific business problems.

With RDS, the need for trained data scientists, sophisticated algorithms, or vast quantities of labeled data significantly reduces,thus allowing established businesses to quickly reap the benefits of AI. RDS further allows automation of actions and associated feedback collection resulting in a sentient business process, and ultimately a data-native enterprise.

The focus in an RDS-powered solution is on creating enterprise knowledge assets that last beyond the tenures of come-and-go data scientists or unicorn ML engineers. Over time, it is able to learn more and adapt faster to changes. Core to the tenets of the design is also governance around the functioning of the solution themselves to provide business full control over the effects of AI as well as enable transparency for the enterprise to share with its customers on the use of their data and associated compliance with privacy regulations.

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